Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A shining light in a small container

I was reading an article from Compass Direct about a young girl, only 13, who was dragged away from her house and raped by five men in the middle of the night in Bangladesh. She was then left for her Father, a local pastor responsible for bringing 25o souls to Christ, and family to find the next morning on their lawn. It's not just because I have two daughters that tears sprang to my eyes. It's not just because of the horrible tragedy of innocence and purity lost. A sentence leaped out at me when I was reading.
"Elina Das has identified two of the rapists and could identify the others if she saw them or their pictures, said Das[the father]."
Young Elina had the courage to identify who attacked her. Her courage is amazing when you consider that she is so young, just went through something horrific, and her family is in danger. The police, authorities that we teach our young people to trust, even went and heaped insult onto that small hurting soul.
“Police told me that it was a false case,” Das said. “They also said that it was a fabricated drama. Police spoke with my daughter in filthy language and showed prurient interest in the details of the incident in front of us rather than filing the case quickly.”
And she still spoke out to who did this too her. I see the strength only God can bring in this girl. It is only because of God that when we are weak, we can be strong. To have such trust in the Lord when so young is beautiful.
Lord, may I raise my children to know you and stand firm in your strength in the harshest of tragedies. I pray that you will encourage, heal, and strengthen Elina Das and her family that they may continue to show your light.
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