Thursday, May 15, 2008


51. the book of proverbs

52. my knowledge that bad days are a gift from God too. I need to be refined by fire.

53. how Jesus always knew what to say and do. He never has goofs or whoopsies. He always treats people in the best manner possible.

54. Pastors who never charge for their teachings. And not just because that makes alot of stuff available to me for free. I love when you can see the fruit of faith and it's benefit to the body.

55. comfy chairs.

56. news organizations like Compass Direct, Missions News Network, and the Baptist Press.

57. my kids have so many toys.

58. my pantry is full of things I can feed my kids.

59. they have well put together, cute clothes that I love to take pictures of them in

60. I marvel at how blessed my babies are when I think of the poverty so many other children live in. I'm glad God has taught me the proper viewpoint to be able to teach them about their abundant blessings.