Thursday, May 8, 2008

Busy Blessings!

It feels like its been ages since I last posted instead of just a week or so. How quickly did this become a part of my life that I missed putting down my thoughts so much? I had a whole ton of life happen lately though, thank God, all of it abundantly good! My mom and grandparents came up to visit, my son had his third birthday, and my husband recieved a job offer that will move us to Pennsylvania. I'm busy today with moving plans but feel inspired to add to my blessings list the wonderful gifts God has showered me and my family with.

41. How much fun we had at Alden's birthday party.
42. Birthday streamers I didnt pull down for days because they were so 'festive'!
43. Moving six hours closer to my family.
44. Corportate moves! That means I can hire packers! I love packers!
45. Mercy Me's song I'll Worship You, my new favorite song (good to dance to w/ babies!)

I've been waking with a big grin
Singing with my eyes closed
Lifting up my hands
I've been lost in the moment
Sending up praises
Now I think I understand
When i open up and let it flow
I fell your touch and then I know
[chorus] I can never live without it And I'm never gonna doubt it Everyday is new, yeah There's nothing any better I'll be singing it forever I worship you
I'm standing on the edge now
Looking for a new place
Going deeper still
The feeling is electric
The power and the glory
Just move me where you will
Cause you take a song and make it fly
Into my soul and that is why
I just want to dive into your grace
I want to feel your presence, seek your face
I just want to be where you are
I can never live without it
And i'm never gonna doubt it
Everyday is new, yeah (repeat) [chorus]

46. Watching my son enjoy his trains.
47. God opening doors
48. My husbands excitement
49. My daughter's love of streaking. I cant keep her clothed! She gets out of every outfit I put on her. Then goes the diaper. This leads to blessing...
50. My Bissell steamcleaner