Monday, May 19, 2008

Little blessings

60. My son's new thomas the train shirt. Well not the shirt per se, but the way he reacted to it. His new shirt has a little button that when pressed makes the train whistles and chugga chugga sound. Alden put on that shirt, pressed the button, and ran around for five minutes shouting that he was a train, chugga chuggin everywhere.
61. How when you tickle babies, they kinda scrunch up and their face is a mix of laughter and 'what is this!'.
62. My nineteen month old trying to pronounce her brothers name. Gideon. Gi-da-ohh. She's getting there.
63. How my five month old twins already cant stand for the other one to have the toy when they want it. It's funny to see a five month old steal.
64. The angel that protects my daughter. She is such a climber!
65. Bringing my son a flower, the funny way he tries to sniff it, and his exclamation, "that tastes beautiful, mama!"