Sunday, April 27, 2008

Endless Gifts

Ann Voskamp at her Holy Experience blog has started something I think truly amazing and life-changing, a gratitude community of Christians who keep a list of the daily blessings God gives. She’s called it Endless Gifts, the idea is to make a list up to 1000 of the blessings in your life. I think this is such a fantastic idea and have decided to make my own list.

1. My life is daily blessed by the reconciliation work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I daily approach the mercy seat of God solely because Christ is my mediator.

2. The guiding ministry of the Holy Spirit. My counselor and ever-present help.

3. The eternal and daily-felt loving kindness of God the Father

4. Eph 1:4-5 Long ago, even before he made the world, God chose us to be his very own through what Christ would do for us; he decided then to make us holy in his eyes, without a single fault-we who stand before him covered with his love. 5 His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by sending Jesus Christ to die for us. And he did this because he wanted to!
Thank you, Father for the sending of your son.

5. The spirtual leadership and love of my amazing husband

6. My wonderful children graciously given me by God. I’m blessed by their sweetness every day.
7. The inspired word of God. Without the Bible, I’d be living in darkness. Ps 119:106 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. NIV

8. My extended families love and goodwill. I miss you.

9. The body of Christ. Eph 2:22-3:1 In Him [and in fellowship with one another] you yourselves also are being built up [into this structure] with the rest, to form a fixed abode (dwelling place) of God in (by, through) the Spirit. AMP

10. The Lord Jesus Christ setting the standard for my everyday living.

I had to write those as my first ten, they are my most precious, most pondered blessings, and I am grateful to God for them. I’m grateful for my being gifted with just the knowledge of some of them. (Hmmm… I think that should be an item listed. Maybe later.) There are other ‘big’ blessings but I think I’ll space it out throughout the rest of the list. I think a lot of my blessings list will be subpoints of these first ten.

Check out the Holy Experience blog, it’s truly amazing. Ann Voskamp has a tremendous gift that can only come from God. In fact…

11. Ann Voskamp’s daily musings and writings. Very Inspirational.

Her site is linked to in my sidebar.